This video is some of his most recent work. Cameras range from DSLR Canons, Sony EX1 XDCAM, Drones and The RED. He is a big fan of Michael Mann, Ethan, Joel Coen aka (Coen brothers) and the Italian director Gabriele Muccino who tends to have the camera dolly in his movies..

Russ started in front of the camera as a actor, but quickly found his passion behind the camera as well. "I remember when I got my first Sony Hi 8 video camera in 8th grade. I was making movies with the kids from the neighborhood".

Music Video Reel Russ utilizes all tools of the filmmaking trade. Dedicated to getting the perfect shot or as close to perfect as it can get. Jibs shots, crane shots, dolly shots, or drone shots just to name a few. Russ directs and edits most of his own projects in FCPX, After Effects programs which he is proficient in.

Its a constant grind & Russ is on it!