Hailing from Brooklyn, Russ Dun is a New York transplant who currently resides in the city of Angels (Los Angeles). His infatuation with entertainment developed at a young age, starting from the moment he received his first Sony hi 8 camera in 8th grade. Making movies & starring in them with the neighborhood kids ignited the flame. During high school he continued to fuel his passion in drama and video production.

After serving his country as a Marine, he returned to the entertainment industry. Loving the range of emotions he felt in the films he watched as a child he knew this was the industry for him. Attending the same Theatre Academy & Film School as Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman & the Hughes brothers. Russ was auditioning while in school which was against the Theatre Academies policies. Booking commercials such as KFC, Food Network, & Olympus M-Robe while in the Theatre Academy, got him kicked out. Considering this a blessing in disguise, as he found a new passion with filmmaking in film school. Creating a entertainment production company with his partner was a challenge & dream, BOOMaRANG Entertainment.

His ultimate goal is to produce film, television while bringing concepts and people together. Determined to make a name for himself as an actor an director, it has been on a constant grind but if it was easy everyone would be doing it! Continually striving to reach his dreams. Russ saw this on a trip in Egypt:

“You're only DEAD when NO ONE remembers YOU!”

These are words that he lives by, meaning Russ is truly a passionate and creative soul who wants his art to live on when he is long gone! Stay tuned!